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The Agility to React; the discipline not to overreact

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About Dan Mohr

Dan Mohr serves as the Portfolio Manager to the Mohr Growth ETF (Cboe: MOHR), the Adaptive Core ETF (Cboe: RULE), the Mindful Conservative ETF (Cboe: MFUL), and the Sector Nav ETF (Cboe: SNAV). Dan is the CEO of Retireful, dba Mohr Capital Management, a SEC registered investment advisor. He holds the Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®), an advanced financial planning program administered through the American College of Financial Services. He also holds a CLU® from American College and a QPFC from the National Association of Plan Advisors. He has worked in the financial industry for 20+ years. Dan holds a BS in Business Management at Purdue University.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of technology is powering these funds?

Informed Agility: Technology’s ability to quickly react to current market conditions through observation, not prediction.

Adaptive Optimization: A disciplined, consistent rules-based algorithm with an overlay of adaptive technology.

Black Swan Protection: Systemic triggers to react to unexpected market corrections without overreacting to emotional, non-systemic volatility.

What makes this technology different?

At a glance, the technology we use:

  • Observes; does not predict
  • Views the market as highly efficient (everything is already built into the price)
  • Has a look-back period in days, not years
  • Rejects rebalancing (in other words, doesn’t arbitrarily sell winners for losers)
  • Created over 20 years ago
  • Views cash as an asset class that, at times, can be the most productive position
What type of constituents make up the ETFs?

Each ETF is made up of individual stocks and/or ETFs.

What is the management fee for Mohr Funds?

Mohr Funds management fees are .70%.

On which exchange is Mohr Funds listed?

They are listed on Cboe.